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To us, it's more than just jet fuel. It's a heritage that stretches back to those ace fighter pilots that created The Flying Tiger Line and an aviation services company, Mercury Services in 1953. Today, Mercury Fuels embodies that rich heritage of the AVG Flying Tigers, where being a part of a flight squadron was a sign of trust, duty and responsibility.

As a Mercury Fuels customer, you will benefit from this legacy. Our 24/7/365 approach to service and our relentless focus on superior customer service will keep you coming back.

This website provides our customers with automated access to jet fuel pricing and fuel releases at over 1,000 airports worldwide. In addition to these posted locations, we also have the ability to reach into obscure airports and airfields in countries across the globe - all with just a few simple clicks.

And, as always, you are welcome to call us anytime within the U.S. at 800-233-5382 or internationally at 281-442-3000.

We appreciate your business and look forward to being of service!

Your partner,
Mercury Fuels
Please be advised that fuel prices are subject to change without notice and that this website provides fuel estimates only. The estimate includes taxes, fees and duties, where known. Taxes, duties and fees are specifically provided as a courtesy and are subject to change by the local airport/municipal authorities and or FBO operator without notice.
Unless noted, international prices do not include taxes/fees, VAT, MOT etc. Please contact Mercury Fuels within the U.S. at 800-233-5382 or internationally at 281-442-3000 for the international tax details.
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